Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Passport Bag

Man, do I ever hate dragging a pile of luggage around the airport. When I travel I throw caution to the wind and totally trust the airline to take good care of my baggage. Call me crazy, but I always feel really smug when I am calmly settled in my airplane seat and I am watching somebody try to jam a big fat heavy "carry on" into an overhead compartment. I like to feel unencumbered when I am trying to get from A to B. I have enough to keep track of as it is.

I am naming this felted wool bag the Passport Bag. It is just big enough for this following list of things I cannot travel without: Passport, drivers license, debit card, credit card, boarding pass, tinted chapstick, pen (planes never have any pens), and a little cash. Going through airport security is much easier too, unless they just decide to sequester you and feel you up for no good reason.


Robyn O'Neill said...

I'm with you! Check the damn bags! Unless I'm going to a third world country (and you know how often I do that), I can buy whatever I need if my luggage gets lost. And so far, it never has (knock wood).

I like your bag. Would my iPhone fit in there?

Janine Serresseque said...

Yep, it would. The bag is about 6" X 8".