Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Heart Martha!

I am an unabashed admirer of Martha Stewart.

I have noticed in recent years that cooking shows have evolved from shows that used to actually teach you to cook into shows that are competitions. I have nothing against a cooking contest--some of them, like Master Chef Junior, are very entertaining. But I want to learn something! And Martha is my favorite teacher. 

I love her delivery. I usually try to imitate her speech as I'm listening to her. Those crazy dark vowels! 

But all that aside, this woman knows her shit. If I am looking online for a basic crepe or demiglace or bread or pie crust or you-name-it recipe, she is my go to person. I know that Martha's instructions will be tested and reliable.

The fact that she's been to prison just elevates her to a total BADASS status in my book. She is smart, successful and resilient.