Friday, October 5, 2012

Robyn's Bag

I made this for My Favorite Girlfriend, Robyn O'Neill. Robyn is a most extraordinary friend. I treasure the shorthand we have together. Our friendship is nourishing. When I get to see Robyn, I am assured of getting 100% of that day's requirement of good friendship.

This bag has a nice long strap on it, which can be slung across your torso diagonally so you can be free to engage in debauchery without fear of your purse falling by the wayside! And, per Robyn's input, it is plenty big enough to hold an iPad.

The stripy trim was applied with a needle felting tool that Andy's mum and sister gave me for my birthday. It's really fun! You lay some wool on the surface and then just poke it into the felt. Eventually, after the repeated stabbing is complete, the fibers all glom onto each other and they become one. I might get carpal tunnel syndrome from it, but it is therapeutic too. Sort of like a (insert the name of the politician you dislike) voodoo doll.