Monday, July 26, 2010

Mini Makeover

My teensy dining room (8x10 feet or so) has a nice big window that I like to use as a focal point to show off my dorky collection of suns and pitchers. I had been meaning to replace the very tragic looking valance for ages, and finally spiffed it up yesterday by making a new colorful shade for it. I chose a lipsticky color with threads of yellow and green running through it. It really pulls my room together! And I am positively queer for ball fringe.

I bought the fabric and the fringe at William and Sherrill. I am overly fond of beautiful fabrics that I cannot afford, and I feel something very close to lust when I walk around in there. I'm usually the only woman walking around in yoga pants, t-shirt and no makeup. The store is highly populated with affluent Salisbury subdivision types who are carefully deliberating fabric choices with their decorators on their cell phones. Some years ago, I had a little business making custom window treatments, and most of my clients lived in Salisbury. They were all very nice, had the exact same taste in everything, and there were endless projects to be done in their McMansions. I eventually had to stop the business because I got so busy I could not keep up with the demand. I still enjoy doing custom window treatments for myself. Here's the before and after:




Robyn O'Neill said...

Oh do me! Do me!

pnlkotula said...

Me next! I am about to re-do my kitchen! I love that!

Janine Serresseque said...

I only sew for meself these days, and those are very rare occasions. Too time consuming and nerve wracking, unfortunately. I don't even have my sewing room set up any more!