Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Peru Bag

This little number is called The Peru Bag because that's where the yarn is from. The yarn luckily made its way to Bay City, Michigan, where I bought it in a very nice little shop called A Piece of Ewe

When the yarn was not yet felted, it was a clownish mix of really bright colors, but once felted, it turned into this beautifully muted piece that reminds me of a landscape. The "sky" bit across the top is an alpaca and merino wool blend. It's lined in a similar azure blue fabric I trimmed it with some cute wooden buttons that I found in a drawer at my mom's house. To give credit where credit is due, I must mention that using the buttons was Andy's idea. 

My friend Jenny is having a birthday in a couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to giving this to her. Don't you dare tell! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sunshine Day Bag!

Finished this yummy little bag this morning! Doesn't it just make you want to sing "Sunshine Day" by the Brady Bunch? This purse is all happy inside, as is illustrated in the picture below.

The craft use-up challenge is still going strong, and my yarn pile is getting smaller! I am having fun with these projects, and not planning them out too carefully. The bag tells me when it's done. It says, "Don't sew any more stuff onto me--I've had enough." I sound like the Psycho Craft Lady.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Miss Priss Clutch

This is another bag I began so long ago that I literally don't recall knitting it at all! Ah, the joys of menopause brain. Everything looks new again if you ignore it for a few months!

Before my dear co-worker Emily Cole moved away, she gave me some pretty yarns in rosy and purple hues. I knitted the small leftover bits into rectangles and felted them so I could cut them up and make little flowers out of them.

This little clutch bag is just big enough for the essentials when you're out for an evening. Credit card, lipstick, iPhone, Virginia Rep Theatre tickets.

I embellished it with teensy glass iridescent beads. This was a very fussy and fiddly process that I must say I enjoyed. It's lined in a pink and silver micro-animal print.

Don't know who I will give or sell it to yet. I'm waiting for the right prissy person to come along and claim it.