Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just when I'm feeling all cute for riding my bikey...

I just got my bicycle tires and tubes replaced, (to the tune of $57.00, thankyouverymuch.) and on my way home I got a flat tire!! And I was still a good 2 miles from home. And it was 90 degrees.

So I resigned myself to the long, hot walk, and before I knew it, I had blisters on my feet from the flip flops I had on, which were harmless enough for riding but sucky for walking. Fortunately, halfway home was the Dollar Store. I was never so glad to see the Dollar Store. I bought a pair of $2.00 bedroom slippers, cast my vanity aside and shuffled home with the lame bicycle.

I finally hobbled up my driveway (yes, I know I am totally milking this story for all it's worth, so just work with me here), peeled off my sweaty clothes and enjoyed the best cool shower I've had in a long time!

And now my Jamaican Black Bean Pot is just about ready to eat, and jesus on a pogo stick am I hungry!



pnlkotula said...

Paul says to tell you the buses have bike racks on them.

Joy W. said...

"Jesus on a pogo stick" made me laugh outloud!!!

JB said...

poor baby! let me know if you want to go walking around your neighborhood (or mine) soon.

Robinitaface said...

Husband, the biking enthusiast, has a couple of suggestions...especially if you are planning on riding on a regular basis:

if you are riding through the city, make sure your have the appropriate tires - or you can try Mr. Tuffy tire liners to put in your existing tires to help prevent punctures from glass/nails/junkie needles/whatev.

In order to save some cash, learn how to do those basic repairs/maintenance on your own. Sometimes it's basic trial and error - but if you have any questions, there are some places you can go. Recycles on Cary (just East of Boulevard)is a good place to go. The advice is free, and they have affordable parts too. Bunnyhop Bike Shop I think just moved to Grace St (across from Ipanema). The guys at those places know their stuff.

Don't forget your water bottle! It's gonna be a hot one!