Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guest Blogger! A Word from Andy about Toast

Thai Chipotle Toastanini

Everybody likes a bit of toast. Toast is what's for breakfast. Luvverly
doorstep, slathered in butter and marmalade. Brown and toasty on the outside
soft and tasty on the inside. Sliced from a real loaf, cut with a real
knife, irregular but perfect. Not the limp stuff at the breakfast place, but
twice as thick and cooked under a grill (broiler) not a toaster. That's how
I like toast.

So I'm at the local Panera and I thought "'Ows about a piece of toast and a
cup of tea?" So I asked for a piece of toast just like that. You'd have
thought that I'd asked for a massage or something from the look I got. "Sorry
we don't have that" she said. I looked around and saw every shape of loaf
imaginable from Tuscan flippin' this to Asiago flippin' that. Bagels were
getting toasted but a whole store of bloody bread loaves and no bleedin'
toast. Not to mention marmalade and tea, normal tea, without the chai bit,
with milk and sugar.

So... I asked for the "Asiago Thai Chipotle Toastini
(trade mark)" and when they didn't have that either I left with a haughty
British look that I had been saving for this very kind of occasion. Almost
as good as toast... with very bitter marmalade.


JB said...

what is up with that? Those people are crazy. But now I am hungry for bread.

Robyn O'Neill said...

My mom drinks tea and toast for breakfast every day. I guess maybe the Irish broad has a little Brit in her.

Jacquie said...

Andy writes with an accent! Flippen Brilliant!

Janine Serresseque said...

Robyn, I must be like your Mum.I had a little Brit in me just the other day!
nyuck nyuck!

Robyn O'Neill said...

I'm telling your mom! "Hello, Mrs. Serresseque..."