Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Many of my friends know that I am a somnambulist. I haven't had an episode that I am aware of in a really long time. The trouble is, when I have had an episode, the only way I can tell is by the evidence that is before me the next morning. It's possible that I have somnambulated (now that is just plain fun to say) many times and have awakened blissfully unaware.
Here are some examples of things I have awakened to discover:

Very large pieces of furniture moved
Brand new towels neatly cut into 2" wide strips
My nightgown on the lawn in the back yard (that's Robyn's favorite)
A lamp overturned and a very large bruise on my arm
The smell of pasta burning to black embers in a frying pan in a smoke-filled house

Now why can't I do something fantastic in my sleep? Do a 1000-calorie burning workout. Mow the lawn. Clean the house and do laundry.

Sometimes I wake up after an 8 or 9-hour night of sleep and I feel exhausted. Have I been up all night, running around my back yard naked? I'll never know.


Jacquie said...

OMG!!! I never heard about the nightgown in the backyard episode! Oh the years of teasing wasted...MUST CATCH UP!

You should do a sleep clinic...I think they look cool...like a hotel but free! I would go to a sleep clinic and order a pizza...just to mix it up a bit.

JB said...

Set up a video camera.

pnlkotula said...

Oh the pictures in my head! You and the fairies dancing in the moonlight...

Robyn O'Neill said...

I laugh so hard that I cry whenever I think about the t-shirt in the yard story. I still think you should put an alarm on your house. Of course, you could probably disarm it in your sleep.

Didn't you also have an episode where you woke up right before peeing in your trash can? Or was that someone else (like I know so many people who do this)?

Janine Serresseque said...

Jeez, I forgot about the peeing episode! Thanks for reminding me!

JB said...

try to make pasta in your sleep tonight - then give it to me. Thank you.