Friday, April 4, 2008

Crepe Fear

Crepes are something I've always been a little intimidated to try. I'm going to attempt a savory crepe for our dinner tonight. I'll probably screw up the first couple of crepes, because I'm told that's what happens.

I'm making a recipe I found on the World Wide Web. It's on a blog called Nola Cuisine, which I just discovered today, when I should have been working. Here's a link to it. I'm going to substitute the scallions with some dill.

But fiddle-dee-dee, whatever shall I fill them with? I will never go hungry again. Tomorrow is another day. Why am I turning into Scarlett O'Hara?

I'm stealing the filling idea from someplace else. I found another recipe on the World Wide Web for asparagus crepes with a delicate lemony sauce, which looks suspiciously like a hollandaise sauce to me. Yet another thing that's really easy to ruin. I like to live life on the edge, Baby.

They turned out to be really easy! I didn't have to throw any of them out. Probably because Andy did the actual cooking of the crepes. He was doing that thing where you flip the crepe by picking up the pan and tossing it just so. Show-off! If I tried that, the thing would probably land on my head like a beret.

I just sauteed the asparagus spears in a little butter until they were very tender, enveloped them in the crepes and doused in the lovely sauce.

The sauce was very easy to make. It was, as I suspected, very much like hollandaise, but with the addition of water to the egg yolks, it was slower to thicken and a little more fool-proof.

Andy's mom made crepes for us last time we visited. She served them very simply, and I could have eaten a mountain of them. We just dusted them with sugar, squeezed a little bit of fresh orange juice over them, and gobbled them up.


Steve said...

Wow does that look good.
You seem to be eating much better than in the old days. As long as you still make stops in with the Chunky Chicken man then all is good with the world.
Hey I have spent the week in the Long Center putting up Crowns. Everyone speaks very highly of Theatre IV and the staff at Theatre IV American (even Boothby).
Can't wait to see everyone in a couple of weeks.

Janine Serresseque said...

Chunky Chicken Man still makes the best damn french fries I ever had! You are probably right about my eating better, but I seem to be growing larger as a result!
I'm glad they like us at the Long Center. It's so cool to have you there as a connection. The old six degrees thing, right?
Looking forward to seeing you this month!