Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love My Boss.

I really do. I'm not being facetious. He is one of the best guys I know, and I have deep respect and genuine affection for him.

We have this funny dance we do regarding his voicemail, which he does not like to check. It goes something like this:

I check his messages and write them down.
I then type them up in a word document.
I then email the document to my boss.
I then call him to tell him I have emailed his voicemails to him.

Now I think that's funny!

On another note, I have not cooked in ages. I'm mired in rehearsals right now. Any guest posts are welcome!


JB said...

That is funny beacause it is sad.

hoosier steve said...

I love your boss as well, but for some reason this story does not surprise me. If he is unavailable once you have typed up the messages do you leave him a voice mail?

Robyn O'Neill said...

If you could possibly imagine me as a guest blogger on a cooking show:

You know that greek bean recipe that you gave Ginnie? Well, I wish I had taken pictures of the process (a horrible mess) and the finished product (which actually looks pretty good). However, there are two reasons that I wish you had not created this monster.

A - I HATE BEANS, so there's no way I'm eating it, and she made enough for an Osmond family reunion.
2 - The beans burned on the bottom of the pot, stank up the entire kitchen, and of course were left there until I couldn't stand it anymore.

That said, if you need me to bring you a snack, let me know. There's plenty left.

hoosier steve said...

As someone who had to sit next to Ginnie the next night at rehearsal...well let's just leave this recipe off the menu next tech week.

Janine Serresseque said...

Oh my god--I love you guys! I'm sitting here in my living room reading the comments and cackling as if I've had 3 glasses of wine! What??

Robyn. I love a good cooking failure story, too! Those are just as good as the success ones!

And Steve, bless you. There is nothing funnier than a good old fashioned fart joke! I am so immature, and I plan to stay that way!