Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Athletic Prowess

My 49th birthday is next week. Good gravy. How did this happen?

My excellent boyfriend got me a new bicycle and gave it to me early. I'm pretty jazzed about it. It has more speeds than I know what to do with! And it's a lovely pearly yellow color that just happens to match my backpack. And my dining room. Matchy Matchy Poo Poo.

So now Andy's riding my old bike--the one that keeps getting a flat rear tire. Yesterday we went on what we considered to be a colossal bike ride. We rode 22 miles--all the way to Midlothian and back. Well, at least I made it back. Andy got a flat tire, of course. I forged ahead alone, and came back in the car to rescue poor Andy, whom I found wandering along Forest Hill Avenue with a blank expression on his very pink face, poor dear.

We both felt a great feeling of accomplishment for our feat of strength and endurance. I was a piece of rubber for the rest of the day! The only thing I could summon the strength for was to lift a glass of chardonnay.


Robinitaface said...

You said Matchy Matchy Poo Poo. Favorite. Thing. Ever.

a) Happy Birthday.

b) what's going on with your (well, now Andy's) rim, Matchy Poo?

c) are you sore today?

Joy W. said...

Wow Janiney!
Good for you.
And at least you found the strength to lift the really important things!!

Happy early birthday!!

We should go for a bike ride sometime!!!

debra said...

what a fab bike! I wish I were co-ordinated enough to ride one. I'm a total spaz.

I wore the pretty earrings you gave me to sing at the Hailey 4th of July parade!

See you soon!

Janine Serresseque said...

Robinitaface, Thank you! I don't discuss Andy's rim in public, and yes, I was a bit sore yesterday! This all sounds filthy, somehow!

Joystick, you are my fitness inspiration.

Debra, come home. I miss you! I'm glad you wore the earbobs! I think you could be elected Mayor of Hailey!

pnlkotula said...

Ooooh good going Andy! You can't possibly be a day over 19...

JB said...

wow - just reading that made me tired! Good for you Poo Poo.

Joy W. said...

Once JB opens her show and before I start rehearsals, lets all get together for a bike ride. That'd be soooo much fun! A gang of gals riding around richmond.
Anyone up for it???

JB said...

I'm in.

Janine Serresseque said...

Me too!

Joy W. said...

hey, scotty sent out an email that theatre softball is starting up again saturday. that could be loads of fun. anyone going? i'll bring my pink glove and hope i can catch the ball!!