Monday, July 7, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away.

This morning was the beginning of two weeks of theatre camp, way out in the country at Historic Hanover Tavern, the original home of Barksdale Theatre. We spent two hours (which felt like 10) winging it with the 20 kids because a storm last night had knocked out the electricity. I sure hope it's fixed by tomorrow, because I might have to poke my eyes out if it's not.

The kids are very cute. This is little Sean, going into second grade in the fall. Doesn't he look like a pistol?


Joy W. said...

I remember him from last year!

No electricity??? Yikes!!
I'm sure you handled it are always grace under fire!
I'm looking forward to the classes I teach starting tomorrow. See ya later. I'll warn everyone to keep sharp implements away from you!

Steven Koehler said...

I loved teaching summer camp. But no electricity would have mad for a very boring class to be sure.

I am sure you guys will do fine, just don't serve them any raisins.

JB said...

OMG he is so cute - I love little freckled boys! No electricity hum? I should check that out!

JB said...

Those two sentences where not related , btw, I just meant I should check out the theatre since I am supossed to have rehearsal tonight. Otherwise that might have sounded really bad.

Janine Serresseque said...

I was there again this morning. The electricity has been restored to its original glory!

The set for Shirley V. looks fantastic. I can't believe how much David P. accomplishes on his own. He says he's behind, but it really looks good!

JB said...

OK - good. He sure works hard - I think he is doing the job of like five people.

debra said...

Man, that is a CUTE kid. But, reminds me of my nephew Alex. He's a beautiful kid, and pure Hell on wheels. Hope the camp is going all right and your sanity will be intact when it's all over.