Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a Cool Idea!

These little magnetic spice jars are just the cleverest thing.

I found them at World Market, way out on West Broad near Short Pump Suburban Sprawl Center. I would never go to the Short Pump area if World Market wasn't there. That's just how queer I am for that store.

Anyway, these little darlings are just the ticket for my storage challenged kitchen. I can stick them right onto my fridge, freeing up cupboard and drawer space for other, less clever things that aren't magnetic. They have see-through lids so I can immediately see what's in them. One turn of the lid gives me a pour opening or a shake opening. Genius! And I think they look pretty, showcasing all the contrasting colors and shapes of my spices.

I sure hope World Market reordered on these. I kind of swooped them all up when I was there! Sorry.


JB said...

Oh - I really, really want these. I hope they get more in!!

Janine Serresseque said...

Stopped in there over the weekend. They've got tons. I think they're about 1.99 each or something. Don't anybody else read this. You didn't hear it from me. I heart World Market.