Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Thrill of a Shiny New Purchase

I just bought a new washer and dryer at the Sears scratched-and-dented outlet. It's a Maytag with a dent right in the front, but it's in perfect working order and I got a great price on it. I'm giddy with excitement, which is really quite tragic, when I think about it. It used to be clothes and jewelry that gave me that shopper's high, but now it's dented appliances. Hmmmm.

My old one wore out after about 9 years. It, too, was from the scratch and dent place. I can't complain. I washed many a happy and heavily soiled load in it. I gave it away on Craigslist and this complete moron came to pick it up. I had a male co-worker come to my house with me to meet him, just in case he was a rapist. This guy was so dense, I don't even think he could have figured out how to take advantage of himself, let alone me. He showed up alone to fetch a stacking washer and dryer, first of all. And as he and my poor co-worker (who, of course, was roped into helping Mr. Moron) were struggling to get this thing in his pickup truck, he says he can't believe he didn't bring his hand truck. If you don't know what a hand truck is, it's a wheeled platform-y thing that was created for moving big heavy objects with ease. I can see why he left his hand truck at home.

Anyway, it's going to be lovely to quit the laundromat. I am just not a good laundromat person. Even though my laundromat has free high speed wireless that is wicked fast, there's an evil, competitive undercurrent in the laundromat. On Sunday afternoons especially, people will do all kinds of subtle things to mark their territory. The basket placed in front of the unused dryer, the bottle of detergent sitting on the unused washer. These are subtle signs that say "I know I have no right to reserve this machine, but if you move my shit I will kick your ass." This is not a good place for me. I'm too fair and too polite to fit in.

I know this entry is not about cooking, but it is about my kitchen. My house is teensy, and my washer/dryer is in my kitchen. So it qualifies.

By the way, I have to paint my kitchen before the shiny new dented baby arrives! Next time, before and after pictures.


Joeyjones.tv said...

My wife and I bought a fridge from there once...

They never got it working quite right. It turned out to be a big hassle.

Hope yours turns out better!

Robyn said...

My Fave - You are off to a fabulous start! You'll be giving JB a run for her money.