Monday, February 8, 2016

The Land of Unfinished Crafts!

I am not content unless I am obsessed with making things. My most current obsession is quilting. It was only a matter of time until that happened, as I come from a family who quilts. I have a quilt started by my grandmother, finished by my mother (well, she paid some body else to finish it) and given to me for the next step (embroidery?) which is never going to happen. 

I have made several quilts by now, and I am getting better and braver with it, but I have amassed a stash of fabric now that is reminiscent of the yarn stash that I had when I was doing felted handbags. I am posting some pictures of projects I've actually finished in the last couple of years:

Vintage hankie quilt! So girly:

Men's shirting quilt for my hubs: He wanted it "extra puffy" so for once I obeyed him:

flying geese quilt--this is more my style:

Quilt with no theme, just pretty. Gave this to my neighbor:

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