Sunday, February 7, 2016

Steak Tacos and Mole Verde, Y'all!

We have been getting Blue Apron for about 2 months now, and we love it. Cooking dinner together is the most enjoyable part of our day, but we dread the daily discussion about what's for dinner, and if the groceries get dropped on our doorstep, well, bonus! I like that each recipe is on a card that can be kept, so you can recreate any dishes that you really want again. We have not had a duplicate yet, and we have ended up trying lots of ideas for dishes that we would not have bothered with on our own. 

I wish I could say that I am that cook who plans menus out a week at a time and does all the shopping, all the while maximizing in-season vegetables and saving money, but I am not that cook. Andy isn't either--he is the type that goes to the grocery every day and will not eat anything that is more than a couple of days old. So Blue Apron is especially good for this purpose--they send you exactly the ingredients you need, no more, no less. You don't have a whole bottle of some weird ingredient that you won't use again for another decade.

Tonight's tacos were pretty tasty. The salsa was made of tomatillos and flavored with pan roasted pepitas, which I quite liked. The dish lacked a couple of notes in my opinion. If I made it again I would add orange zest and smoked paprika to the salsa to add a smoky note and a sweet note.

The whole thing came together very quickly, about 25 minutes! And it costs the same every week. It's 60 bucks, 3 complete meals that generously feed 2 people, delivered to your door. If you need to skip a week because you won't be home or you're too skint to spend the $60, you just go online and cross out that delivery. We have also never had any food arrive that was stale or damaged. We give it high marks overall!

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