Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a Wrap

This is our favorite sandwich these days. I took a picture of it before rolling because it's ever so much prettier that way.

I have a difficult time getting Andy Cleveland to embrace any kind of sandwich that isn't comprised of bacon, butter and white bread, but he is positively queer for this hummus and raw veggie wrap! And it is such a nutritional home run, with all the vitamins, protein, fiber and flavor!

When you get old like Mr. Andy, these are things you must think about.

I love the smile on his face when I roll this thing up and serve it to him. He is genuinely excited, which is so endearing. And when he finishes eating it, which is about 4 bites later, he gives it a very positive review, proclaiming it as a "very satisfying" sarnie.

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Emily Cole said...

Looks positively scrumpie!!