Monday, February 20, 2012

Yes, I Know the Muffin Man.

People have actually asked Andy what English muffins are called in England. Just for the record, muffins. And they're kind of hard to find in the grocery stores in England--crumpets are much more ubiquitous.

How he has made it to 55 years of age without ever trying these before is a puzzlement, but when I shuffled into the kitchen on Sunday morning they were already rising.

He found a recipe on a blog called Pete Bakes, and it looked fun and simple. So as I lazed about in slumber with the cat, Andy was busy as a bee, measuring and kneading. And that is what I call a perfect Sunday morning.

Did you know that English muffins are first cooked on a skillet, and then finished off in the oven? Well me neither.

They turned out very well and they are a doddle to make. That means they're easy.

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Emily Cole said...

That looks like some melt-in-your mouth buttery bready goodness!