Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's Something About Boys Called Jack

This is Jack. He's seven, and he has been at Stage Explorers Camp for the last 2 weeks. Just look at that little face.

Jack and I have become thick as thieves. We sit and talk at length about survival in the wild. At Jack's insistence, every day we are different animals. Today we were gorillas. Yesterday we were penguins. Tuesday it was hawks. We talk about what we'll eat, how we'll find our food, and how we will protect ourselves from predators.

Jack's probably not who you'd peg as the teacher's pet, but for some reason he has stolen my heart. As imperfect as he is, he is absolutely perfect. I think Jack will have some significant challenges as he grows up, especially in school. If you happen to meet him, give him a chance to be your friend. You won't be sorry!


JB said...

I like him already!

Amy Sullivan said...

I truly enjoyed my time with "darling little Jack".
I am still smiling, over our conversations. Funny, little conversations, that you wanted to tell people about.
I met this "funny" little guy today.
& let me tell you what he said.

Jacquie O. said...

Those blue eyes just pierce your soul.