Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Very Expensive Dinner

We decided tonight that we would have pasta with tomato sauce. You know--something simple and satisfying.

Then we got a wild hair and decided to take the plunge and buy a pasta machine, which we've been wanting. So now it's a trip to Sur La Table. And we can't go to the snooty mall in our sweats, so it's showers and primping before we leave the house. We buy the pasta machine at Sur La Table, then we must go to Fresh Market and buy semolina flour to make the pasta, because after all this trouble, we'll be crushed if it doesn't turn out right! We buy all the stuff to make ravioli, spending nearly 40 bucks at Fresh Market. The plan is a mushroom-shallot-ricotta-goat cheese filling and Andy's amazing red sauce.

Andy's red sauce is a work of art. I can't say enough about it right now--it needs its own blog entry.

Making pasta dough looks easy in the book. You put a pile of flour on a surface, make a well in the middle, put the wet stuff in the well, and gradually mix it with your fingers until it's a lovely ball of dough. Easier illustrated in a cookbook than done! I ended up scooping the mess into the Cuisinart and finishing it in there. It turned out great, though!

The short story (I know, much too late for that) is that our simple, no-fuss pasta dinner took about 7 hours and cost about $118.00.

I am looking forward to playing with the pasta machine again! I really love it, and it works beautifully. And now that I've actually read some directions on how to use the thing, I'm even more optimistic about my second attempt. Next time I make pasta, I will take pictures.


JB said...

I will not be jealous of Janine, I will not be jealous of Janine, I will not be Jealous of Janine, I will not be jealous of Janine, etx, etc, etc....-

Robyn said...

Spaghetti is the one thing I can make all by myself. I use whatever's in the pantry (because I don't shop either). It comes in a box and a jar and I'm guessing it costs about $5. I'm easy when it comes to pasta.

Speaking of which, I would like to invite myself over for your famous pasta carbonara. I'll bring wine.

wheresmymind said...

Once you get in the groove...pasta is totally a snap. I don't bother doing the 'well' technique...use a food processor...makes life SO much easier :) I await seeing how long it takes you to do this again :)

Janine Serresseque said...

JB, you are too funny! Come on over soon, girls. I will make carbonara for all of us.

Wheresmymind, I can't wait to try the pasta machine again. I might try it again tonight! Do you use semolina flour? I see a lot of recipes with just plain flour.

pnlkotula said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - Impulse buyers unite!