Monday, December 24, 2007

My Mom Has a Purple Face, and Tomorrow's Christmas!

My mom and dad are visiting. I love having them visit, but I have to be careful that I don't plan so much stuff that they get exhausted. So far, it's been a bit of a flurry!

My mom had a nasty fall about two weeks ago, and though, thankfully, she didn't sustain any serious injury to her skull or brain or the rest of her body, she bumped and bruised her head quite nastily in a couple of places. The bruises are now migrating downward and are presently situated on her face! Basically she looks like she's been pretty badly beaten up. Her face is mostly shades of purple, yellow and green. If she was hiding in the woods, she'd have protective coloration. My dad's been telling everybody that "she said the wrong thing at the wrong time!" and if you could see my sweet little dad saying that, I promise that you'd think it was funny! Andy contributes a favorite joke of his:

What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?
Nothin--you already done told her twice!

Mom's being a very good sport about the whole thing, bless her sweet heart.

Yesterday, Andy's kids came to visit and exchange presents with their dad. We cooked a delicious baked penne and cheese (romano, muenster, chevre, spinach, pureed roasted garlic and calamata olives) and the kids had many, many helpings which made me very, very happy! We served it with blanched asparagus and a lovely, simply dressed salad. The kids brought home made fruit cake and had it with ice cream for dessert. Andy thinks Ben and Jerry should have a Christmas ice cream flavor that has chunks of fruitcake in it. I think that sounds kind of GOOD, don't you?

Tonight we're off to the Kennedy-Di Pasquale house for their annual Christmas Eve singing party, then my parents, Andy and I will share some champagne and probably collapse into a deep sleep.

On the menu for tomorrow's dinner is:
roasted pork tenderloin
cooked apples
mashed potatoes
roasted potatoes
carrots and peas
brussels sprouts
stuffin muffins

I promise I will take piccys.


Vicki Mc said...

Sweet jumpin'Jesus...Fruitcake Ice Cream. Slide a big bowl down the counter my way!

Janine Serresseque said...

I know--I think it would be sort of like spumoni, with the candied fruit and nuts. If you have an ice cream maker--I do not--might be worth a try! I'm one of the few and the proud who actually like fruitcake!

Vicki Mc said...

Me, too. And I don't think you really need to concoct a recipe. I have a fruitcake in my fridge right now, swimming in brandy. I plan to get some good vanilla ice cream and just throw them together, like your guests did. Want me to get a bowl out for you?