Wednesday, December 19, 2007

If You're Going to Sit in the Front Row, Be NICE!

We had the final night of our annual Home for the Holidays Cabaret. For the teeming millions of you who read this blog from afar, this is a yearly fundraiser that a bunch of singer/actors pool together to produce so we can raise money for the Richmond Theatre Artists Fund. I am very proud to count myself as one of the founding artists. The fund is there to help members of our theatre community if they should ever be financially compromised due to circumstances that arise from an illness or emergency. Okay, enough blabla.

So last night was a very pleasant evening. Everybody was in good voice, the house was packed, the booze was flowing. Most everybody remembered all their lyrics and the crowd seemed to really be enjoying us. That is, except for this particularly sour-faced woman sitting right in the front, directly below our noses. My brilliant best friend Robyn says that "you should have to audition to sit in the front row" and boy, is she right. The three other people she was sitting with were having a great time, smiling up at us and obviously enjoying us. But this stroppy old cow just sat there glaring at us with her chin resting in her hand, seeming to bend over backwards to look bored. We all got tickled about it and she became the talk of the performers' table. Cute Audra made this drawing of her, which is actually quite a remarkable likeness!

Before the show, my boss set up some little hors d'oeuvres for an after-party for us in the boardroom. He told us that, when he was laying out the food for our little after party, Stroppy Cow tried to come in and eat some of our food. My boss explained to her that this food was for a private party after the show, and NO, she could not have any. Not wanting to take NO for an answer, she asked if she couldn't "have just one cookie??" and again my boss said NO. We think this was why she spent the evening sulking.

We all had a good time nonetheless, and I must say that Crabby Cabaret Lady would be very displeased to know that she gave us all a good chuckle.

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