Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home Made Ice Cream! For Lazy People.

Andy Cleveland was way over-prepared for our onslaught of Halloween revelers this year. I think he bought 3 big bags of candy, and even we have not yet managed to eat it all, a whole week later. We had 2 little visitors this year, which is a 200% increase over last year's attendance. This isn't a great neighborhood for sending your little ones out to beg for candy, unless you plan to cover them in armor to divert stray bullets and shield against crazed motorists. I usually just turn out all the lights, close the curtains and hide until spring. I guess since I married Andy I'm feeling more gregarious.

I didn't think Andy could ever tire of chocolate, but he seems to have lost interest in the big bowl of Kit Kats, Rollos and York Peppermint Patties.

I saw this recipe a while ago on a blog called Kevin and Amanda. It's home made ice cream that you make with no churning, which makes my lazy heart sing!

Three ingredients is all it contains--heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, and any flavor of your choice. How could I not try this? And what a great way to use up Halloween candy!

First I tried to chop up York Peppermint Patties in the little Cuisinart. I stuck the candy in the freezer thinking it would break up into little neat chunks more easily. This was not to be. The patties just swirled round and round in the Cuisinart, remaining perfectly intact and threatening to burn out the motor. I ended up cutting them up by hand.

Then I mixed them into the sweetened condensed milk.

Eezy-Schmeezy. Lazy-Schmazy is more like it.

I whipped the cream into stiff peaks, then folded it into the condensed milk mixture.

Poured it into a container, covered it and stuck it in the freezer.

I can't wait to see how it turns out!
I think it would be a great way to glamorize foods that are not good on their own, like fruitcake.
Imagine fruit cake on its own.
Okay, now imagine it chopped up and used to flavor some ice cream.
See? Are you getting my drift?

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Janine Serresseque said...

I followed up with another flavor--coffee with chocolate slivers.YUM. I flavored it with instant coffee and a good quality bittersweet chocolate. Whizzed the chokky in the food processor until it was fairly finely ground. I used slightly less condensed milk than the first time. I liked the results better. Beautiful texture!