Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cheater Cheater Pizza Eater

I am the first to admit that I am a total snob when it comes to prepared foods. There is a lady named Sandra (?) on the Food Network who has a cooking show called Semi Homemade or something like that. I am not a fan of her half store bought/half homemade approach. Or her store bought big boobs that don't match the rest of her body. Okay, that was ugly, I am guilty. Moving on..

One night Andy brought home some pre-made pizza crust in a magic tube, and I have to admit, it was really tasty. Thin and crispy, just the way I like it. And it's easy. I didn't have time for crust from scratch, so I trotted down to The Worst Food Lion Ever and bought me one of them pre-made crusts.

But I swear, this was the only thing I cheated on!

I picked little roma tomatoes and basil from my own yard. I slow roasted the romas, and made a little batch of fresh pesto, and cut up some buffalo mozzarella.

What a feast for my eyes--the roasted red tomatoes (whose flavors had concentrated beautifully) and the soft white mozzarella on a field of fresh pesto! It looked even prettier when it was cooked.

So I hope I have not completely besmirched my good name with this one little dalliance with convenience crust. I wish I could say I've gotten it out of my system, but that might not be quite true!


Anonymous said...

I have a great pizza crust recipe I can give you...I am so ashamed...
- Muffin Face

Mary Andrews said...

Ha! This made me laugh so hard! I'm Mary Andrews, a former student of Jenny Hundley. She sent me your way to not only read your awesome blog but to let you know I work for Etsy and to feel free and reach out if you need any help getting a shop up and running for your great bags!

Chat soon,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you're back!!! Holler at your girl -- we've missed you at the Junction. :)