Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sleepy Old Girl

Gilda is the first kitty I had all to myself. I got her for my 39th birthday from Robyn O'Neill. She was a squirrely little kitten with a short stump where her tail ought to be. I was going through a divorce, living alone, feeling ungrounded, and I am forever grateful that my dear friend recognized that I needed a cat to come home to. I named her Gilda, and she slept in a little pile on my chest the first night she spent in my apartment.

She's 11 now, and officially elderly, but she is really very spry and still lots of fun. I'm pretty sure she spends most of her day sleeping on my bed when I'm at work. She is highly skilled at napping, looking fetching while napping, and displaying her mouthful of teeth with a big yawn.


Robyn O'Neill said...

She sure is pretty! Was that really 11 years ago? Funny, we look exactly the same!

Jacquie O. said...

It really is amazing how much they give back to us. I never thought I would be a cat person and when Dawn got me Jess for my 30th I was so pissed (and scared that I would kill it.) I even told my family that they better not get me any damn cat things just because I had one now. One year later I had cat pot holders and cups and shirts...that I bought myself! I kinda like being a cat lady now!

debra said...

That second pic is hilarious. She is yawning, but she could also be roaring. Like the Queen of the Jungle.
I remember the night you got her. Robyn O. had Gilda hidden in her guest room, and we all kept sneaking in to pet her before she was presented to you.

Audra said...

just goes to show that those stump-tail cats are the best ones. and the neds. maybe i'll lay these three out on the cutting board and go to town.

Jacquie O. said...

Yes Debra I remember that! It was so hard not to go pet her. And if I remember correctly when Robyn brought her out Janine burst into tears and then Gildi fell asleep in her lap (which was quite amazing with all the noise going on.)
Audra have you found homes for any of them yet? My mother just sent me a cartoon strip called "Mutts" (we don't have it in our shitty paper)...anyway it was a cat simply saying that he was one of many cats who needed to find a home. It made me think of you and your babies. You are so wonderful for saving them!

Amy Sullivan said...

~kitty's have to nap allot~ because, they know that when their people get home~they will need to use their "kitty power" to "chill" them out~ from the hard day in the "big world"~
"pretty kitty"

Audra said...

no definite homes yet- well, one is 99%, but she hasn't picked out which one. and after katie finds out about what comes out of their rears (which I discovered this morning) she may change her mind altogether. I know there are some other interested parties, but I may have to apply my powers of nagging/persuasion.
Have been calling the black one Coalhouse.

Emily said...

I got Franklin when Jamie & I separated. It made all the difference! Now I have Janis back in my custody too, and all is right with the world. :)