Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom turns 80 today! I am hopping on a plane at an ungodly hour on Saturday to go wish her a happy birthday in person.

When I called her today, she said she already got her biggest birthday wish--in the form of a really cool new President of the United States! Well, I guess that gets me off the hook for a creative present. I'm just delivering myself to her door.

You'd probably like my mom. She is smart, outspoken, generous, compassionate, liberal, articulate, resourceful and did I say she's outspoken? Yeah, if you don't want to know what she thinks of something or someone, that's just tough titty because she's going to tell you anyway. She swears a lot. It's kind of shocking to hear an 80-year-old lady using the premium cuss words. But when you spend as many years as she did in art education, you pick up a few key phrases from the kids.

At 80, she's not quite as physically spry as she once was, and her eyesight is pretty bad. But she has a first-rate brain, and to this day, when I am faced with any sort of dilemma or heavyweight decision that I need clarity with, she is always the greatest voice of reason in my life.

So happy birthday, Mom! Keep on rockin' like you do. You are my inspiration.


Robyn O'Neill said...

I'll bet she taught you my favorite little ditty "we sailed the good ship Venus..."

Give Mom & Dad both a big kiss from me! xoxox

Janine Serresseque said...

Aww, thanks My Fave. I will! They always ask about you.

Dave T said...

She must be remarkable -- having given birth to you when she was 51!

Janine Serresseque said...

Yes, her nickname was Fertile Myrtle. And I must say, you are an excellent mathematician.